Saturday, April 20, 2013

no time for pictures

I've been back home for a little over three weeks now and this is probably the busiest I've been in a very long time. My job at the bank is going really well. It's pretty stressful processing such huge numbers every day, but I'm really enjoying it. On top of my regular job, I decided to take on a part time job working for Kiehl's inside of Dillard's. So far it's a lot of product learning but I really think I'm going to like it. I'm doing two jobs on top of working out five days a week! Needless to say I'm exhausted!! 
I went to a cookout this evening after I got out of work and seeing some old friends was just what I needed. I accidentally called a little boy a "pretty little girl" multiple times and that was definitely embarrassing but I just chalked it up to being tired. Haha! 

Anyway, blog posts won't be on the reg for a while because my life is BORING right now, consisting of work, gym and eating healthy.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

easter in the dallas

This past week went by so fast, but I'm not complaining. We spent Easter weekend in Dallas and I was reminded how much I love the big D. There's so much to do, the weather is insanely nice, and I can't fail to mention some of my favorite people live there. The weekend was so fun, I drove up with Dad and Teresa, and we had fun doing all of the Easter festivities and watching Brielle love every minute of it.

baby chickees! eeek! we all loved them, except for when I got pooped on :(

Little sweetie got her face painted.

After some Easter fun at the local shopping center we went over to the Gaylord Texan (which I somehow manged not to take any pictures of) then to downtown Grapevine. 
We ate at Jake's, which was so delicious and had really amazing customer service. It also really made me miss  my Jake!

Then we went into the glassblowing studio to watch the glassblowers make some enormous custom lampshades.
Brielle was a little freaked out but braved through it with Gannpa. 

Then we walked into a feed store that had a million baby chicks!! We all loved holding them and they were so sweet, they would just fall asleep in your hands! Why can't they stay so teeny and cute forever? 
This cat was so amazing with all of the babies. Apparently she just had a litter, and the tomcat ate all of her babies. Heartbreaking! She ended up taking on all of the baby chicks, and they loved hopping all over her and even sitting on her head! 
Brielle was so cute, she was so fixated on the chicks that she didn't even notice the cat. After momma cat reached out to stretch her legs, Brielle said "WHAT!!? There's a cat in there!!" She had us all in stitches. 

We finished our day in Grapevine with a trip to a homemade, all natural popsicle and slushie store! I finally decided on the cucumber-lime-jalapeno popsicle and it was amazing

Sunday morning, after church, Brielle opened all her easter gifts and cracked us up with every exclamation she would make when she pulled anything out of the bag.  

She had a ball hunting Easter eggs and would stop and take her time to open each egg as she would find it. 

Isn't she just the sweetest!?  

Spending Easter with my family was just what I needed after landing in Texas last week. I nervously started my job Monday morning and to my relief I really like it, and I'm catching on to everything really fast. My week flew by, and getting used to working full time again took a couple of days but I felt pretty adjusted by the end of the week. I miss Jake terribly but hopefully I'll get to see him soon!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

home again, home again...

We flew into Canada from Germany last week.
I always really love coming back home, but this time I was just so in love with the area that we lived and was actually kind of sad to leave!
The journey home was a doozy! We flew from Munich to Newark and got in 30 minutes early giving us just over 2 hours to get through customs and on our next flight. The line for customs was LONNNGG but we figured it wouldn't go too slow. 
We were wrong! 
We waited for over an hour just in the customs line, then had to wait for our (huge) hockey bags to come out... then had to wait in another (!!) line just to re-check our bags. At this point we just knew we were barely going to make it on our flight and our bags were for sure not going to make it. I asked one of the customs employees if there was anything we could do because our flight was leaving in 15 minutes and he just said, "yeah, you can miss your flight!" RUDE.
After we ran through the bag recheck area, we still had to go upstairs through security. As we were running up the escalator, I somehow managed to fall HARD (going up?!). It definitely wasn't funny at the time, but I've caught Jake laughing to himself thinking about the sight of me sprawled out on the escalator with my bags covering me. After begging everyone in line to go in front, they graciously let us cut through and we RAN to our gate. Our flight was supposed to be leaving in 5 minutes and we somehow made it on! We were then informed that there was a group of 30 students that came from Rome who were also stuck in the customs line needing on our flight, so they ended up holding the flight about a half hour for them, then another half hour to allow their (and our) bags to be loaded. Everyone else was SUPER frustrated with the group but we were secretly happy to have them on our flight!

After we landed in Denver, we stumbled across a candy store and I treated Jake to a candy bag!
He was thrilled.

We made it to Spokane about an hour late, and we were greeted at the airport by Jake's parents and... MADDIE!! Spokane is about a three hour drive from Jake's home and they brought her along with them! I was so happy, I started tearing up the second I saw her and once she spotted me it was the sweetest reunion! She was soo excited and I welcome all of her little doggy kisses.
I caught her mid lick! Too funny.

We spent a week in Canada getting recovered from jet lag and then this past (or is it passed? I need a grammar lesson...) Tuesday I left Jake and Maddie and headed home. I love being able to see my family and friends but it always takes me a few days to get adjusted to Amarillo again. Something about being home after you've been gone is always so different. Everyone continues on with life, and it's so strange to see the same old thing happening year after year, when so much has gone on in your own life. Does that even make sense?

I am really looking forward to going to Dallas this weekend to see some of my favorites, and then on Monday I start my new job working for the same bank that I've worked for the past four years! I feel pretty lucky that they've continued to welcomed me back with open arms for the summer months.

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